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Anorexic Budget Shows Need for Future Calories

The proposed LWWH budget---the smallest since 1978---will necessitate the paring of League expenditures and increased support from local Leagues and members.

The proposed budget of $6,857, about $1,300 less than the previous year, is attributable to the loss of several sources of income, including the cancellation of a contract with the Bureau of National Affairs and ABC News Election night reporting.

To deal with the proposed lean budget, local Leagues are asked to increase their state pledge, or in the case of Honolulu, assume a greater share of the joint expense of running the office. A direct mail appeal to League members statewide is also proposed with a goal of $200. Because no increase in the corporate drive income is projected in the next fiscal year, financial support at both the local and state League levels crust be broadened.

Cuts are proposed in almost all LWVH expenditures. One new expenditure proposed is $300 to pay for legislative assistance as it is becoming increasingly difficult to carry out a legislative action program with only volunteer services. A summary of the budget is shown below. Persons wishing to study the complete budget may contact their local League presidents or any member of the state board.

The board wishes to thank the members of the budget committee: Betsy Tan, Chair; Arlene Ellis; Caroline Ingersoll; Jeanne Trebor-MacConnell; and Pat Shutt.



*Note: $3420 of the total expenditure reflects overhead costs of office, telephone, supplies and board expenses. These costs are totaled and allocated on a percentage basis to each expenditure category. The remaining $3437 covers the direct costs incurred in carrying out the responsibilities associated with each program area or activity.

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