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The "Grassroots"

The League of Women Voters is a grassroots organization. Many groups can make this claim, but few are as effectively "grassroots" as the League. What does this mean in terms of your membership in the League? It means that, though you join and pay your dues to a Local League, you are, at the same time, a member of your State League and the U.S. League of Women Voters--the National League. The State and National Leagues have no membership other than the grassroots. The people who serve on the Boards at the State and National levels are all members of Local Leagues, elected to serve as leaders.

The leaders elected to your State Board have two primary responsibilities: to oversee the health and welfare of Local Leagues, and to direct state program and voter service activities.

Programs for all levels are proposed at the grassroots and adopted by delegates to conventions. The financing of the three levels of the organization is also the responsibility of the members, through dues, per member payments, and other fundraising activities.

All League 'work"--studying, publicity,. lobbying, fundraising, education, support--is done at the grassroots. Few organizations with interests in national legislation can generate pressure from constituents all over the country faster or more effectively than the League. For this we are highly respected in Congress.

You have joined a grassroots organization. To make it effective, you have to take part in the activities. Join a study committee. Respond to an Action Alert. Pass on an article from your Voter. Testify for League at a Council meeting. Make a finance call on a local business. Make refreshments for a candidates' meeting. In the process, you will learn a lot, make good friends, contribute to your community, and have a lot of fun. Welcome to the grassroots:

Muriel Roberts

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