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Viewing Viewpoints

Twenty-six weeks a year, the League of Women Voters of Hawaii is afforded free air time by news Radio Station KHVH (99 on the dial) to air its "Viewpoints". These are opinions generally running 90-100 seconds once a day. Many people have heard our viewpoints over the past three years and they recognize who the League is because of the positions we've taken.

How do I write them? Because I read them into a microphone as they are taped, they can't be less than 90 nor more than 100 seconds. They must be simple, but intelligent. No big words or ones hard for me to pronounce. This is fairly easy because most League literature is clearly and intelligently written.

The subject matter must be timely. Since I tape them 3-4 days before they air, that's usually not a problem. The materials I use as a basis for Viewpoints come mainly from League publications on the state and national levels including the VOTER. and ALERT FROM THE HILL and other league mailings. Sometimes I do only a little editing; other times I have to start from scratch.

Would any of you like to trying writing a few Viewpoints? If so, please call me (531-8031). Hope you enjoy listening to them. Here's to League visibility!

Peter Herman

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