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State Council - May 16-17, 1986 in Honolulu

League Local News - Hawaii County

Local league presidents recently told Leo Hana about some of their most exciting activities since Convention 1985. Following are some of their reports.

From Doris Spafford, President of the Hawaii County League:

"Last year the Hawaii County Council decided that they would no longer accept oral, public testimony at council meetings. Since the Governor signed ACT 278 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes last June, which provided for oral testimony, our league felt that the council's new ruling was not in compliance with the law. I wrote several letters to council and the chairman pointing this out. Thanks to the diligence and persistence of our Hilo coordinator, Carole Westby, who gave oral testimony and read the letters into the record, I think we have made a difference. And maybe that's what the league is all about--making a difference (for the betterment of course)."

Doris Spafford

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