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League's Stand on H-3
Pay Equity Seminar
President's Notes (Anne Lee)
League Updates - Election Laws, Education
Akamai Strategist For Sale
Meet Kris Nowell: 1986 Legislative Aide
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League Local News - Hawaii County (Doris Spafford)
League Local News - Honolulu (Dorothy Lum)
League Local News - Kauai (Althea McCleery)
New State Board Member
Balancing Act
State Council - May 16-17, 1986 in Honolulu

League Updates - Election Laws, Education


The Election Law study committees are progressing well and drafts of "Facts and Issues" are circulating. Much more needs to be done and there is still the chance to get involved. New members are welcome: Get involved today.

On the Big Island, call Don McIntosh at 329-3778(b) or 329-7165(r)

In Honolulu, call Jean Aoki at 949-7457 or Marion Wilkins at 261-0549

On Kauai, call Althea McCleery at 822-5918


The Vocational and Alternatives in Education committees recently made a presentation to the Board of Education on its study and the Board pledged its kokua. There is still time to be part of this study. Call today!

On the Big Island, call Dorothy Doudna at 935-1813 or Shirley Freeman at 322-2028

In Honolulu, call Marion Saunders at 988-2635 or Libby Oshiyama at 879-5288

On Kauai, call Alice Larkin at 245-9663

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