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President's Notes (Anne Lee)
Fundraising Results
State Council
LWVUS Convention 1986
Ten Common Myths about Initiative
Security '76 Conference
Last Chance for Akamai Strategist
New State Board Member
Problems in Signature Gathering (Marian Wilkins)
Election Law Study Consensus
Program and Action
League Local News - Honolulu
League Local News - Hawaii County
League Local News - Kauai
League Local News - League Members on Maui
Ed Fund News
Coastweek '86
Bye Bye Herman
Anne Lee

Program and Action

The LWV/Hawaii's 1985-87 Program and Action guide is now available for purchase by calling Marian Hatton at 396-8397. This revised edition contains the entire text of all positions adopted by the State League and it also depicts the historical background to. actions which have been taken under these positions.

League members -- Muriel Roberts, Carol Whitesell, and Pat Shutt -- were instrumental in the publishing of the new edition.

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