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Security '76 Conference

"Planning a Congressional debate is a little bit like planning a large wedding." Such was the comparison offered by LWVEF/US President Dorothy Ridings at the Agenda for Security '86 Conference held in Washington on April 21-22. Ridings explained that the challenge faced by volunteers and staff working on 1986 Congressional television debate projects was to bring the key actors together in the same place at the same time, along with making the event interesting and enjoyable to viewers, and to carry it off with a sense of style.

Hawaii League members, Janet Mason and Jeanne Trebor-MacConnell joined some 80 participants from across the U.S. in the training conference, which covered many topics related to planning and staging the proposed debate.

Topics covered included negotiations with broadcasters, staging, debate promotion, and moderating techniques.

One of the highlights was the presentation of market research results undertaken for the LWVEF/US. The findings indicated that the majority of voters are interested in, and will watch, debates. They prefer the League to sponsor these debates. Voters appear to value debates principally for the information they learn about the candidates -- their character, personality and response to pressures -- and not about the issues or candidates' stands on the issues.

The research also found that debates often leave voters feeling ill-equipped to evaluate the candidates' positions on issues. They want the issues put in a meaningful context to help them understand the significance of the candidates' positions.

League members interested in the Congressional debate project are urged to call Mason at 363-4574 or Trebor-MacConnell at 944-9153.

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