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Debates that Were (Dee Dee Letts)
Debate that Wasn't (Janet Mason & Jeanne Trebor-MacConnell)
President's Column (Anne Lee)
Program Planning
Water Resources in 1986 Legislature (Kiyoko Nitz)
1987 State Convention
Bringing Star Wars Down to Earth
Mahalo Channel 11
1986-1987 LWV/Hawaii Calendar
Nominees Wanted
State Board Tape (Muriel Roberts)
LWVEF Thanks the Following For Making Our Debates Possible
National Studies
ABC Election Reporting
Mahalo Channel 2

1986-1987 LWV/Hawaii Calendar


November 14-15 Education Conference State Capitol

December 25 Christmas


January 1 Membership in local Leagues as of this date used to determine delegates to State Convention. Local Leagues to send State League list of paid members as of January 1, 1987

January 16-17 State Board Meeting

January 21 Opening of the Legislature

by February 9 First Call to Convention, to Local Leagues; Budget Committee appointed

by March 9 Program suggestions from local Leagues to State Board; Suggestions from members to Nominating Committee Proposed by-law changes to State Board

March 27-28 State Board Meeting

by April 9 Final Call to Convention; Proposed budget sent to local Leagues; Nominating Committee Report to local Leagues By-law amendment proposals and State Board recommendations sent to local Leagues

May 30-31 State Convention

June National Council

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