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The Debates that Were

Catherine Shen [left], Publisher of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, presenting a contribution to LWV/Hawaii Education Fund President Anne Lee from the Gannett Foundation for the LWV Ed Fund Gubernatorial Debate Project.

The Gubernatorial Debate wrap-up, where to start. Well for those of you who have successfully managed to avoid all physical, verbal, or written contact with the gubernatorial race; first congratulations you are indeed an endangered species, second the LWV Gubernatorial Debate did take place as scheduled.

All of those involved are a little grayer and a little wiser. Along the way to the great event we even managed to organize and have a Democratic gubernatorial primary debate, as if there wasn't already enough to do.

Seriously, until you work on a project like this you don't realize just how much is involved. The level of detail which has to be checked and re-checked with production people, both candidates, etc. is amazing. For example you're at the end of negotiation session with the candidates on format (your fourth round) and suddenly you have to say, "We need the candidates' measurement from the bent elbow to the floor by tomorrow morning for set construction. You have to ask, "Will there be water at the podium? Will writing notes interfere with the mike?" and on, and on. . . !

Fortunately for the League, we had cooperative candidates, a terrific steering committee, great production people, generous sponsors, hardworking managers, and, as with all successful League projects, a cast of volunteers that couldn't be beat! MAHALO TO ALL OF YOU!

Dee Dee Letts

No captions to the photos... Can you help identify more of these people? e-mail.

1. (right) John Waihe'e (Governor 1986-94)

2. (left) Evelyn Bender (LWV)





7. (right) Sandra Duckworth


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