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Program Planning

Local Leagues will be closely examining the LWV/Hawaii State Program in preparation for making recommendations to the State Board and delegates to the State Convention in May. Members will recommend retention or deletion of existing positions and/or propose new studies.

We suggest you take the following State Program in Brief with you to you League Program Planning Meeting.



Campaign Finance

Action to support effective campaign spending controls, limitations on contributions and expenditures, and indirect public funding of campaigns.

Initiative and Referendum

Action to support direct initiative for statute law, and petition referendum to give citizens the right to affirm or over-turn laws passed by the legislature.

Legislature Reform

Action to support a part-time citizen legislature whose structure and procedures will insure responsiveness, openness, and efficiency in government. Support of a split session and of procedures to eliminate duplication of bills, and to limit the number of bills introduced.

State Constitution

Action to support a constitution which sets forth the basic law; provides the framework of government; is of a lasting nature, yet flexible; and is clearly written and understandable.

Election Laws and Procedures Study

Study of Hawaii's election laws, including special elections, primaries, registration procedures, and absentee ballot procedures.

Position reached July 1986: Action to ensure that government at all levels pays for special elections; private funds should not be solicited or accepted.


Juvenile Justice

Action to support a juvenile justice system which provides for the protection of society along with the rehabilitation of juvenile law violators. Action to encourage a greater acceptance by schools of responsibility in the area of crime prevention. Action to support the concept of the Family Court as the proper place to deal with troubled youth. Action to assure consistency in the juvenile justice system, while retaining the ability of the Family Court to take into consideration the age, level of maturity, and needs of each child before the court.

Action to support a waiver to adult court in certain circumstances. Waiver procedures should be based on written guidelines and } applicable only to sixteen and seventeen year olds. Action to assure that the community provides an adequate variety and number of services for children needing such services, and that any secure youth facility meet at least minimum standards for such facilities.

Hawaii Schools

Action to support the public's rights and interests concerning the administration, policy setting, and budget making for the statewide K-12 school system. Action to support the goal of equal educational opportunities for each child, and financing procedures to reach this goal.

Alternative/Vocational Education Study

Study of alternatives (choices) in education, including vocational education.


Land Use

Action to support comprehensive planning as the basis for land use decisions; public input into the planning process; a device to insure coordination and cooperation between state and county planning; and strict controls on the use of conservation land.

Solid Waste

Action to support recycling and resource recovery by private industry, with cooperation and support from government.


Action to promote energy conservation and research into alternate energy resources available in Hawaii, taking into consideration environmental effects, economic feasibility, and differing conditions on each island.

For a fuller explanation of these positions and their history, see League of Women Voters of Hawaii PROGRAM AND ACTION 1985-1987.

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