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Listen to Teachers

Since February, 1987, the League of Women Voters, in conjunction with American Association of University Women (AAUW) and the professional teaching associations in Hawaii, have produced a series of forums on "Listening to Teachers". During these bi-monthly sessions, teachers have vented their concerns, frustrations, and anger and have imparted valuable insights into the plight of the modern teacher. Teachers participating in these forums have been the Waianae School Concerns Coalition, and teachers of science, math, social studies, language arts, and vocational technological education.

"Listeners" have included LWV and AAUW members, school teachers, students from the U H College of Education and concerned community members. Some of the interesting concerns and suggestions for improvement from teachers follow.

  • Classroom size (over 30) and classload (over 180) of English teachers is totally prohibitive of serious teaching of writing skills.

  • Teachers need more time to plan, to collaborate, and to watch others teach. Some would like support and training in how to collaborate effectively, and how to design programs. Principals need training in how to facilitate such collaboration.

  • Social studies has come to cover many areas: anthropology, history, civics, economics, etc. Yet teachers are trained in only a few of them. They are asked to teach most, whether they have expertise in that area or not.

  • Vo-Tech teachers are required to have years of field or industrial experience, beyond that required of any other teacher. Yet, when hired, they are put on the same salary step as other beginning teachers.

  • Elementary and intermediate school principals assign any teacher -- regardless of training -- to teach arithmetic.

Full reports for each "listening" event are available. if you would like further information or can volunteer to assist with the study, please call Libby Oshiyama at 947-1058 or Marion Saunders at 988-2635.

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