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Nominating Committee

The State League Nominating Committee has proposed the following slate of officers and directors for the 1987-89 State Board.


Anne Lee

Vice President:

Tisha Hickson


Vicki Zaleski

Directors: (Up to 4 additional directors may be appointed by the Board.)

Evelyn Bender
Deborah Kimball
Libby Oshiyama
Carole Westby

Nominating Committee: (Two more members of the Nominating Committee will be appointed from the State Board.)

Dee Lum, Chair
Jean Aoki
Marian Hatton

The 1987 Nominating Committee has tried to achieve a balanced slate, including experienced and new board members, and members from each Neighbor Island League as well as from Honolulu. Members of the 1987 Nominating Committee are Carol Whitesell, Chair; Tisha Hickson, Yvonne Kearns, Dee Lum, and Muriel Roberts.

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