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Meet the Board

One of the orders of business at the State Convention in May was to select the Board for 1987-1989. The new officers and directors (four elected and three appointed), who were invited to say a few words about themselves, are as follows:


This is Anne Lee's second term as President and her fourth term on the State Board. For her first two terms she served as Government Issues Chair and in that position headed the League's reapportionment activities which resulted in our successful challenge to Hawaii's 1980 reapportionment plans. She is Associate Professor of Political Science at University of Hawaii's West Oahu College. Her other activities include: member of the Hawaii Bicentennial Commission and Chair of the Western Political Science Association Women's Caucus.

Vice President

This is Tisha Hickson's second term on the State Board and her first as Vice President and LEO HANA editor. She joined the League in 1978 and has been most active in the areas of Education and Reproductive Choice.

Trained as an anthropologist, she conducted research at Kapiolani-Children's Medical Center before taking the preschool years off to be with her daughter.


Vicki Zaleski was born in New Jersey, but spent most of her life in California before moving to Hawaii 12 years ago. She is retired from the Federal Aviation Administration and University of Hawaii/Hilo, having worked as a secretary and accountant. She received her BBA Business Administration degree from UH/Hilo.

Vicki believes in active involvement with volunteer organizations and the learning that comes with this involvement. She is an energetic member of LWV of Hawaii County, Mental Health Association, Community Strivers, and the Big Island Alliance for the Mentally Ill, in addition to being a docent at the Lyman Museum. Recently she was appointed by the Governor to the State Commission for the Mentally Ill and Substance Abuse.

This is her second term as Treasurer on the State Board and her first term as Secretary.


Evelyn Bender has been a member of the League since 1948. In the LWV/Massachusetts she was Legislative Chair, STATE HOUSE REPORTER editor, VOTER editor, State Budget Specialist, and Criminal Justice Specialist. She also held a number of offices at the local level including President and Finance Chair.

As a member of the community of Watertown, Mass., she served on a number of local and state boards concerned with finance, juvenile justice, and rape.

She is currently employed as Researcher in the Hawaii House of Representatives.


Debbie Kimball's broad interest is reallocation of resources - natural, human, and capital - toward meeting basic human needs and ending oppression - of third-world peoples and women, for example. "In a small jurisdiction/League, an activist does anything and everything!" In the Kaua'i League she has been, for instance, consensus recorder, grant-writer, General Plan Update program researcherwriter-writer-coordinator testifier, ABC Election Reporter, ballot-count organizer, President, VicePresident, and Chair of Local Program. Currently she chairs the National Basic Human Needs Study.

On the State Board, as Rights Chair, she will advocate Comparable Worth, ERA, Peace and Arms Control, and Reproductive Choice, at times in coalition with the Kaua'i YW Women's Resource Center for whom she is also an advocate. As time permits she will continue work to improve twoway legislator-constituent communications.


Dee Dee Letts is currently the Director of the Conflict Management Program for the Neighborhood Justice Center. She co-chaired the Gubernatorial Debate project for the League and is now serving her third term on the State Board.


Born and raised in Japan, Kiyoko Nitz came to Hawaii via Michigan State, after graduating from the International Christian University in Tokyo. From the moment she first learned about the LWV from another Japanese woman, a classmate from college days who was settled on the East Coast and very active in the local LWV, she knew that the LWV would be her base for volunteer work..

She has taught at Michigan State University, Honolulu Community College and College of Continuing Education at UH, and has worked for international conferences and projects. Her special interests are public policy decision making, political economy, foreign policy and international relations of Japan, Asia, and the Pacific. Currently she is doing research on land use and international economic policies at UH.

She was a member of the Water Code Round Table during 19861987 and represents the League on the Statewide Advisory Committee on the Coastal Zone Management Program, the Water Resources Functional Plan Advisory Committee, and the Technical Advisory Committee on the Ground Water Quality Protection Strategy Plan. On the LWV State Board she is Natural Resource Chair.


In addition to being a fulltime doctoral student in Curriculum and Instruction at UH, Libby Oshiyama is an educational consultant focusing on the problems of alienated youth. Serving her second term on the Board, she continues as Education Chair and co-chair of the Alternatives and Vocational Education Study.

Libby is a member of the Advisory Commission on Drugs and Controlled Substances and a member of the Tri-Agency Task Force for the Hawaii youth Correctional Facility, where she is Chair for the Study of Internal Programing.


Being a latecomer to political awareness, says Carole Westby, she first joined the League's Hilo unit in the mid-80's. Her most enjoyable League activity was promotion of the League's open government position; this activity was given ample challenge (and a personal baptism by fire!) dealing with the Hawaii County Council and its reticence to comply with the State Sunshine Law.

Carole moved to Honolulu this spring and is serving her first term on the State Board and on the Lt. Governor's Elections Advisory Committee. Employed as a commercial property manager, she is the principal broker for Sam Sung Real Estate, and she serves on the Hawaii Association of Realtors Standard Forms Committee.


Carol Whitesell has been an active member of the League in Hawaii since 1968. She was Honolulu League President from 1975 to 1977 and has served on the State Board under four presidents. Her activities as chair of the League's study of Hawaii's Land Use Law led to her appointment to the powerful State Land Use Commission from 1975-1982. She is now employed as a planner with the Honolulu Department of Land Utilization.

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