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Update: State Convention

In addition to learning about the media and engaging in stimulating conversation, delegates to the State Convention in May got down to business. The fruits of their labor that will have the most impact on members are as follows:

Financial Support Bylaws Change

The current local League pledge system, which is the source of State League support, will be replaced by an annual per member payment (PMP) beginning in 1988-89. The first PMP amount will be around $11.50, with subsequent annual payments to be decided at the appropriate Council or Convention. There will be a special rate for household members.

Program for 1987-89

In addition to voting to retain all current program for action, delegates voted to continue the Alternatives and Vocational Education Study and adopted two new studies: a Primary Elections Study (which will look at a presidential primary and a School Board primary) and a Study of Alternative Methods of Replacing an Elected Official Whose Office Becomes Vacant.

Budget for 1987-88

The 1987-88 Budget, the largest to be adopted by LWV/HI, was approved.

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