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LWV Continues Action and Leadership in Juvenile Justice Issues

In 1979, the LWV of Hawaii adopted a study of the juvenile justice system. After a year and a half of hard work that included interviews, workshops, public forums, and extensive reading, we adopted an extensive position. Portions of this position deal specifically with juvenile law violators, including incarcerated youth, as follows:

Action to support the rehabilitation of juvenile law violators; and

Action to assure that the community provide an adequate variety and number of services for children needing such services, and that any secure youth facility meet at least minimum standards for such facilities.

One result of the League's activities following adoption of the position was legislation that mandated the formation of a TriAgency Policy Committee composed of the DOE, DSSH, and DOH, along with the League of Women Voters. This committee was established to study and coordinate efforts to improve conditions at the Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility, known by some as Koolau Boys Home.

Currently, the committee is split into four subcommittees, each of which focuses on one mission statement of the facility. Libby Oshiyama, the League's representative on the committee, is Chair of the Rehabilitation Program Subcommittee, which is responsible for investigation and recommendation of changes for the entire "in-house" program. This committee includes representation among all groups involved at the facility including male and female wards (incarcerated juveniles).

The committee is now looking at "What is, Needs, and What should be." As part of their work they are reviewing the 1986 State Auditor's Report, which was highly critical of the program at the facility, and a report from a leading national consultant, Paul DiMuro, whose presence at HYCF was facilitated by the ACLU. As a result of these two reports we think that important changes are in the offing.

In addition to our participation at HYCF, the League has continued to be active at the Legislature, and we are very happy to report that League members were instrumental in securing funding for a DOE summer program at HYCF and a part-time 'librarian for Olomana School, which is located on HYCF grounds and serves the wards.

We are looking forward to the 1988 Legislative Session, where we will continue to press, with others, for improved services for juvenile law violators.

Libby Oshiyama

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