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From the President (Anne Lee)
Primary Elections in Hawaii?
Vacancy Study
People's Water Conference
Legislative Action '88
Legislative Help Wanted!
League Profile: Marian Wilkins
Legislative Access for Neighbor Islanders (Debbie Kimball)
Action for Education (Libby Oshiyama)
LWV Continues Action and Leadership in Juvenile Justice Issues (Libby Oshiyama)
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Debates Conference Gets Gannett Grant (Anne Lee)
Update: Corporate Drive
Shelter Aid: Help for Abused Spouses (Tisha Hickson)

Vacancy Study

The Vacancy Study was adopted at the 1987 Convention because of heightened concern over the number of legislators the Governor has been able to appoint due to vacancies. When the 1988 session begins, he will have appointed 8, or 11%, of the total of 76 legislators. These appointments and the districts affected are as follows:


Les Ihara, Jr.

26th DistrictKaimuki

Ezra R. Kanoho

50th DistrictKauai

Bertha Kawakami

51st DistrictKauai

Pat Rebellia

21st DistrictHawaii Kai

Terrance Tom

16th DistrictKaneohe

Donna Ikeda

11th DistrictHawaii Kai - Aina Haina

Jimmy Wong

8th DistrictKaneohe

(still to be filled -
Richard Henderson's seat)

1st DistrictBig Island (Hilo and Kona)

The study will look at the various options that might be considered as a possible alternative to gubernatorial appointment. Hawaii County League members Cynthia Ward and Teresa Bellah are the Off-Board State Chairs of the study. Evelyn Bender, the State Board Coordinator, has been providing some preliminary research materials for the local Leagues. Bert Lyons (Kauai) and Jo Judy (Honolulu) are the local League Chairs. The first phase of the study will focus on legislative vacancies, that is, vacancies in the House and Senate.

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