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From the President (Anne Lee)
Primary Elections in Hawaii?
Vacancy Study
People's Water Conference
Legislative Action '88
Legislative Help Wanted!
League Profile: Marian Wilkins
Legislative Access for Neighbor Islanders (Debbie Kimball)
Action for Education (Libby Oshiyama)
LWV Continues Action and Leadership in Juvenile Justice Issues (Libby Oshiyama)
Safety on Tap (Kiyoko Nitz)
Wanted: Oahu Representative for Comparable Worth (Debbie Kimball)
When You See This Symbol
Debates Conference Gets Gannett Grant (Anne Lee)
Update: Corporate Drive
Shelter Aid: Help for Abused Spouses (Tisha Hickson)

When You See This Symbol

you know that it is time to help support your State League. Members all across the state have received this year's membership contribution request.

Your response last year was fantastic. It helped us to sponsor two gubernatorial debates, hold the Action for Education Conference, distribute widely our 1987 publication Alternatives in Public Education, publish the results of our Election Laws Study, and much more.

Your contribution to the LWV of Hawaii this year will support a number of new projects and programs that are just around the bend. Please help us if you can. MAHALO!

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