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Join the Debate on Agriculture
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What Kind of School Would I Like? (Marion Saunders)

Join the Debate on Agriculture

Are family farms necessary for American agriculture? What is a family farm? Why can't some farmers make a decent living? Why does the government pay farmers more for their corn, wheat and other commodities than they are worth? Why does the government pay farmers not to farm? Do we have too many farmers? Why don't we use our surpluses to feed the hungry in this country and abroad? Can American agriculture be productive, environmentally sound and promote a healthy rural economy all at the same time?

The League's national study on Agriculture Policy is entering its most important stage and the League needs your input now. Local Leagues across the country are meeting to discuss and debate agriculture policy and will soon be deciding the League's position on agricuture.

Read all about the critical state of U.S. farm policy in the January 1988 National Voter and join in the debate over farm policy. Take part in shaping the League position and in shaping future federal farm policy. Your opinion will help make a difference.

(Adapted from LWVUS Leaders Guide II)

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