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From the President (Anne Lee)
Speaking Out: Fear of Volunteering (Rhoda M. Dorsey)
Water Quality Issue Survey (Kiyoko Nitz)
Women's History Month
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Join the Debate on Agriculture
New League Publication: Reapportionment in Hawaii
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Natural Resources at the Legislature (Kiyoko Nitz)
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What Kind of School Would I Like? (Marion Saunders)

And Other LWV/Hawaii News...

THE 1988 BUDGET COMMITTEE has been appointed and will soon start working on a proposal that will be voted upon at Council

'88. Members are; Tisha Hickson, Chair; Nadine Taylor; and Jo Judy. (Ex officio are Vicki Zaleski and Anne Lee. Have any thoughts on the State League's budget? Call Tisha Hickson at 395-5451.


COUNCIL '88 will take place Friday evening, May 20, and Saturday, May 21. (State LWV Council is held in the interim year between State LWV Conventions.) Those able to vote at Council are: the presidents of the local Leagues (or an alternate), one delegate chosen by each local League, the State LWV Board of directors and one representative from the LWV/Hawaii Ed Fund. The Council shall give guidance to the Board on program, methods of work, and budget.

All League members are welcome to attend, and we urge all of you to mark the dates on your calendar, Details are still to be worked out as to all the activities that will make Council an exciting meeting. We will let you know these later.


"SURFACING THE ISSUES, A CONFERENCE ON DEBATES FOR STATEWIDE AND FEDERAL OFFICES IN HAWAII," hosted by the LWV of Hawaii Ed Fund (and make possible through funding by the Gannett Foundation) took place on February 2, 1988. Attendees included community members local League representatives, and League members involved in our 1986 debates. A full report on the conference will be included in the next issue of Leo Hana.

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