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Action on Education

Taking action on our position supporting the principle of choice in public education, Marion Saunders and Libby Oshiyama recently presented a colloquium on the merits of Schools of Choice at the College of Education at UH. A presentation to the Board of Education using the McNeil-Lehrer report on New York alternative schools is planned for April. LWV Education Committee members also plan to give workshops at the April 'AHA KUKA and PTSA workshops.

Looking further ahead, the Education Committee is happy to announce that Marion Saunders has been named to the Hawaii Business Roundtable's committee that will work with researcher Paul Berman in conducting the Roundtable's study of Hawai'i's schools.

The Education Committee feels that we have been very successful in projecting the idea of educational alternatives into community discussions. Decisions '87, the community-wide planning arm of Aloha United Way, has just issued their action report which calls for a Foundation- and College of Education-supported symposium that will bring to Hawai'i information onalternative education systems such as Schools of Choice.

Equally significant was the recent HSTA Union Convention resolution (introduced by League member and DOE teacher Clint Morantz) that called for a study of Schools of Choice and a position by the Union.

The greatest problem in bringing reform to schooling in Hawai'i is our long standing unitary system of public education. One effective means for reform is to bring stimulus and fresh resource and expertise from outside. To this end Marion Saunders and Anne Lee have been working on a proposal for Foundation support to bring Dr. Mary Anne Raywid of Hofstra University to the University of Hawai'i as a visiting professor in education foundations for the year 1989.

We would warn Leaguers that you will hear much about "choice" in the months ahead. It sometimes refers to minimal choice which diverts attention from needed fundamental changes. This is the opposite of using choice to transform schooling into the creative enterprise it deserve to be.

Marion Saunders
Libby Oshiyama

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