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Debates Conference Held

The LWV/Hawaii Education Fund, with funds provided by a $1000 grant from the Gannett Foundation,, sponsored a Conference on Debates on February 2, 1988. The purpose of the conference was to explore with members of our community various aspects of debates, such as criteria for selecting participants, and to begin building support, financial and otherwise, for the LWV-sponsored debates.

Invitations went out in January to 40 members of the community representing the League, media, business and other community interests. Twenty-nine persons accepted our invitation and received a background paper.

At the conference, Pat Shutt led the discussion, which was lively and informative. Topics covered included the value of primary debates versus general election debates in Hawaii, the inclusion of third party candidates, how to select a format, and what races to target. In summary, participants felt that:

  • all candidates should be included in general election debates;

  • general election debates should take precedence over primary debates;

  • lively exchange between candidates is more important than a structure guaranteeing equal time;

  • questions should be asked by a panel rather than a single moderator.

Sheila Gilbertson
Project Manager

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