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Vote for League of Women Voters Debates!
Review of Council '88
From the President (Anne Lee)
Pop Quiz on League Program (Carol Whitesell)
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Fundraising Update

A Vote for League of Women Voters Debates!

Enclosed in this issue of LEO HANA is a set of postcards addressed to Vice President George Bush, Governor Michael Dukakis, and League President Nancy Neuman. Please send these postcards and let the candidates know how important you feel League-sponsored debates are. This direct contact effort is part of our strategy to make sure the candidates hear from League members and friends all over the country who support League-sponsored debates in this general election season.

* Late-breaking news: LWV of Hawaii Ed Fund and KGMB Channel 9 have signed an agreement to cosponsor live prime-time debates for the mayoral primary race and the mayoral and First Congressional District general election races.

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