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From the President

As my plane winged its way home from Denver, where I attended the LWV Convention 88, one of my inner voices said: "After 4 days of such intensive activity, you need a break from League." But then another inner voice called out: "No, that was so stimulating - you are rejuvenated and more enthusiastic about League than ever."

Which voice won? Is the answer found in the fact that when, going into the League office a couple of days later, I found a whole box of tapes from the different sessions at Convention, I immediately brought them home to listen once again to the sounds of new and old friends from Denver?

Convention returnees often remark that they wished every League member could attend. I have said that before too, and I say it again for it is an experience that is not soon forgotten and from which much is gained. No doubt Sue Irvine, delegate from the Big Island, and Honolulu delegates Arlene Ellis, Jean Aoki, and Lei Kihoi would agree..

But at least this time, you too can share in some of the excitement with these tapes: the speeches by Patricia Schroeder, Paul Volker, and Rozanne Ridgway; the exciting and mind-expanding presentation by Nancy Austin on creative leadership; workshops on fundraising, making community change, influencing other people, safe drinking water, national security, volunteerism in the 1990s, - and more.

There was a very nice luncheon for state League presidents hosted by Coors which I attended. Those of you who know my low tolerance for alcohol will be pleased that I did not go overboard with the beer they served us. It was good to share experiences from the busy League lives led by all in the room.

Another exciting event: attending a special workshop by Roger Craver on fundraising letters. Perhaps the highlight was that the sample letter I had sent in for him to critique got praised. That session went from 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm but was so stimulating that I, who usually drop in my tracks by then, was wide awake.

I am also pleased to report that President Nancy Neuman appointed our very own Pat Shutt to another two-year term on the National Board.

As another League year gets underway I will do my best to pass on to you the knowledge gained from being at Convention. For we all know which inner voice won out.

Anne Lee

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