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League Election Forums in Hawaii
From the President (Anne Lee)
More Debates!
Schools of Choice at HYCF (Libby Oshiyama)
Constitutional Amendments on General Election Ballot
National Voter
People's Water Conference
LWV Presidential Debate
Legislative Vacancy Consensus
LWV Voter Registration Drive
Reproductive Freedom Forum
Groundwater Quality Protection (Kiyoko Nitz)
Equitable Hiring Practices
Meet Susan Brimo-Cox
Interested in Protecting our Natural Resources?


The LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS OF HAWAII EDUCATION FUND takes great pleasure in announcing and sending its many thanks to the following 1988 contributors from Hawai'i County, Honolulu, and Kaua'i:

Hazel Achelpohe
Sarah Allday
Miriam Beams
Peggy Beardsley
Evelyn Bender
Irva Brubecker
Amelia Copi
Jane Crane
Pat Devlin
Anne Marie Duca
Doris Fisk
Grace Furukawa
Ruth Gilmar
Laura Goo
Delorese Gregoire
George Grubb
Marian Hatton
Peter Herman

Jerry Hess
Tisha Hickson
Anna Hoover
Audry Huter
Ruth Lams
Jo Judy
Jim Koshi
Rebecca Laing
Anne Lee
Francis Leilani
Margaret Littman
Robin Loomis
Dee Lum
Thelma McLachlan
Terza and Norm Meller
Ruth Miho
Marge Mulhall

Lorraine Muramoto
Pearl Nishimura
Elizabeth Paine
William Quinn
Margaret Rowe
Mary Adams Russell
Winona Sears
Dee Shannon
Pat Shutt
Karen Stoutemyer
Nadine Taylor
Laura Thompson
Grace Tsutaoka
Marian Wilkins
Elva Wimberly
Betty Witt
Wendie Wong
Vicki Zaleski

And MAHALO to the following who have generously given to the LWV/HI Education Fund for DEBATES 88 since the last issue of Leo Hana:

Major Sponsors: Gannett Foundation Hyatt Regency Waikiki

Sponsors: The Estate of James Campbell

Donors: Sears

Territorial Savings and Loan Association

We also wish to thank Salon/Salon for providing a make-up artist for Debates 88.

Last, but not least, we would like to thank Laura Goo and Betty Rogers who recently made contributions to the LWV of Hawaii.

* * * * * *

The national League of Women Voters Education Fund has received notice from the federal Office of Personnel Management (OPM) that the LWVEF has been accepted for national eligibility in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), which is like the Aloha United Way for federal employees. New federal regulations mean that the LWVEF will now automatically be included in all 500 regional Combined Federal Campaigns. Last year the LWVEF had to apply individually to the top 100 campaigns.

We hope that our members who are federal employees will give to the LWVEF through the Combined Federal Campaign and that you will urge others who are friends of the League to do so too.

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