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League Election Forums in Hawaii
From the President (Anne Lee)
More Debates!
Schools of Choice at HYCF (Libby Oshiyama)
Constitutional Amendments on General Election Ballot
National Voter
People's Water Conference
LWV Presidential Debate
Legislative Vacancy Consensus
LWV Voter Registration Drive
Reproductive Freedom Forum
Groundwater Quality Protection (Kiyoko Nitz)
Equitable Hiring Practices
Meet Susan Brimo-Cox
Interested in Protecting our Natural Resources?

Legislative Vacancy Consensus

By now all League members in Hawai'i should have received copies of the LWV/Hawaii publication Filling Midterm Legislative Vacancies in Hawaii: Issues & Analysis. If you have not gotten your copy, be sure to call your local League president and get one mailed to you.

Local League presidents have received the discussion guide and consensus questions for consensus meetings (which will be held by each local League this fall). Find out when your local League is holding the meeting, read the publication, think about the consensus questions, attend the meeting - take part in setting LWV/Hawaii Program.

The publication has received favorable reviews in Pacific Business News and The Downtown Planet. Thanks to SMALL BUSINESS HAWAII for supporting the professional printing job and making it possible for us to distribute the booklet widely throughout the community.


The Empty Seat


"How Should MidTerm Legislative Vacancies be Filled in Hawaii?"



LWV of Honolulu: Saturday, October 15 9 a.m. McCully Library

LWV of Hawaii County:

Hilo Unit: Thursday, October 27

check your local League newsletter for details!

Kona Unit: Date, time and place to be announced. Marge Mulhall will notify West Hawaii League members by phone.

LWV of Kauai County: Thursday, November 17

check your local League newsletter for details!

You've read the pub... Don't miss the meeting!"

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