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League Election Forums in Hawaii
From the President (Anne Lee)
More Debates!
Schools of Choice at HYCF (Libby Oshiyama)
Constitutional Amendments on General Election Ballot
National Voter
People's Water Conference
LWV Presidential Debate
Legislative Vacancy Consensus
LWV Voter Registration Drive
Reproductive Freedom Forum
Groundwater Quality Protection (Kiyoko Nitz)
Equitable Hiring Practices
Meet Susan Brimo-Cox
Interested in Protecting our Natural Resources?

LWV Presidential Debate

As the Leo Hana goes to press, the LWV presidential debate is scheduled for October 13 or 14. It will be on all network stations, so watch your local newspaper.

Thanks to all of you who made phone calls and sent postcards to the candidates urging their participation, and apologies to those who were mystified to find no postcards in your last Leo Hana to send. We found out too late that we were sent only half the number we needed.

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