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From the President

Dallas Times Herald

I knew we were right when I heard that the League pulled out of sponsoring the second presidential debate. But like many of you, I wondered what non-Leaguers would think.

And then Pat Shutt, National Board member, was kind enough to share with me news clippings from around the country. I wish you could see the wonderful editorials from every part of the nation, for as I went through this 2-inch thick pile, my wondering ceased. Although there were a few cranky comments, the League received tremendous support. Here are just a few typical. statements:

- "...the League deserves credit for acting with integrity and honor - no small matter in a campaign where both qualities seem in short supply." (New York)

- "...league members seem to be the only ones who remember their role. Campaign managers who make agreements that keep voters in the dark are forgetting theirs." (North Carolina)

- "The League of Women Voters has decided not to be a part of this charade. Good for them." (Utah)

- "In the debate over the debates, the League of Women Voters wins hands down." (California)

- "Shame on the campaign spokesmen who said the league leaders were 'nitpicking' and it would be 'good riddance' to get them out of the debate process. Quite frankly, the league leaders are the only ones who seem to remember what real debate and real principles are all about." (Texas)

As I read newsletters from other state leagues, it becomes clear that in spite of hard work, many of us ended up having to cancel televised debates for state and local races. Our First Congressional debate was cancelled when Mayor Fasi refused all TV debates. But fortunately, Honolulu's democratic mayoral primary TV debate, Kaua'i's Democratic mayoral primary TV debate, and forums on Kaua'i and the Big Island were successful.

I do want to thank everyone who was involved in our statewide election activities: from voter registration and sending materials to our high schools and colleges, to working on debates. Once again we can be proud of our efforts.

Anne Lee

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