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From the President

We are pleased to announce that the state board has concluded the membership agreement process on Filling Legislative Midterm Vacancies. This was one of two study items adopted at our 1987 Convention.

About a year ago we completed the process on the other item and now have a position supporting a nonpartisan primary election for the school board.

At our January board meeting we had a lively time adopting a position on midterm vacancies based upon the reports from the local League consensus meetings. The new position, along with its history, is printed on pages 5 and 6 of this issue of Leo Hana. We suggest you clip it and save it for later reference.

Over the years the LWV of Hawaii has gone through the membership agreement process many times, and we can also act at the state level on positions reached covering: campaign finance, initiative and referendum, legislative reform, state constitution, election laws and procedures, school board primary election, juvenile justice, Hawai'i schools, choice in public education, land use, solid waste, and energy.

Each time I take part in the League's membership agreement process I am struck by its power. Whether the process is carried out on the national, state, or local level, it remains truly unique to League.

This process begins with careful program planning to select just what warrants our study and possible action given time, person-power, and money. Delegates to convention, after thoughtful review of all study proposals submitted, adopt or reject them, thus determining the study agenda for the next year or two.

League members research and discuss the issues thoroughly with very special emphasis on presenting material, from all sides, in an impartial way so that facts can be studied before forming opinions. Then members come together to argue, agree, disagree, persuade - to finally hash out where they stand and reach consensus. The results of such meetings are reviewed by the board and a position adopted - a position flowing straight from membership agreement. That's power.

Anne Lee

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