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Legislative Update

As always, League has been very active at the Legislature this session, – with particular attention to the following areas:

Fair Access. The area in which the League has had the most success this session, due largely to the efforts of Debbie Kimball, is fair access for neighbor islanders. Through Letters to the Editor, the League urged attendance at meetings of the Statewide Access Commission on all islands, and Debbie was commended by the Commission for her synthesizing testimony.

The Commission has promised two major administrative remedies: toll-free access to State offices in Honolulu by July 1 and videoconference centers linked to Honolulu State offices by early 1990.

Education.. In a year in which much discussion within and without the legislature focused on education, Marion Saunders was busy testifying and lobbying legislators. Among the topics she testified on were site-based management and diversified schools.

Other. Anne Lee was in contact with legislators on measures having to do with the electoral college, legislative vacancies, reapportionment, and parental notification. Arlene Ellis gave written testimony supporting registration by mail, and Marian Wilkins testified in support of the voter information pamphlet and statewide initiative. In the human resources area, Betty Rogers submitted written testimony in favor of a child care bill, and Kiyoko has vigorously pursued natural resource issues.

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