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Planned Parenthood Petition Drive

As part of their Campaign to Keep Abortion Safe and Legal, Planned Parenthood is collecting names on petitions to be sent to President Bush with copies to Attorney General Thornburg, Hawai'i's congressional delegation, the Governor, and state legislators.

League members can help them reach their goal of 25,000 signatures by. signing the petition enclosed in this issue of the Leo Hana, and obtaining nine additional signatures from other Hawai'i residents, 18 years of age or older. Please return the signed petitions to Planned Parenthood by Friday, May 26.

Planned Parenthood Campaign
Petition: Keep Abortion Safte and Legal (insert)


  • I belong to the majority of Americans who believe in the right to make personal decisions about pregnancy and childbearing.

  • I believe the laws of this nation should uphold that right for everyone.

  • I believe the energy now used to try to shut down abortion clinics should go into helping men and women prevent unintended pregnancy more successfully.

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