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Board of Directors News

Your Board met on September 16th to organize and plan for the coming year.

Members noted that Local League PMP pledges are due. This much discussed system for supporting state and national leagues relies on the prompt attention of each of our three local Leagues.

Debbie Kimball* has been following fair access issues. Use of telecommunication systems for neighbor isles is moving forward! Debbie reports that video conferencing should be on-line by next legislative session. Watch for fair access hearings this fall on the neighbor isles and read her report found in this issue.

Donna Coonse* will chair and exploratory committee to see the value of a League sponsored Advocate for the Voter conference in May 1990. Members are urged to participate in this early discussion.

The conference thrust might be financing of campaigns, fair campaign practices, recruitment of candidates, voter registration and turnout, or the role of the media in campaigns.

Exploration will include: goal and focus; format; personnel and organization; timing; funding and publicity.

Pat Shutt and Anne Lee are advisors to the committee.

Survey of state-wide elected officials was authorized by the board; each of the county leagues will be asked for their concurrence. Two issues of prime interest are abortion and initiative. Honolulu League will spearhead this survey; Evelyn Bender will be the State Board representative.

Prime spokesperson at legislative hearings will be President Sandra Duckworth, Sandra will rely on committee chairs and members expertise as she prepares League testimony.

Again this year, Evelyn Bender will gather legislative bills and sort and alert League chairs as to bills related to their issue area. Representative Isbell has off erred a bit of office space for this activity.

Join League action. Priority areas are: education, initiative, natural resources and human needs. Legislative reform and reproductive rights, with an emphasis on parental notification, will also receive high priority. Members may contact Sandra with an offer to join the action effort of their choice.

Dr. Mary Anne Raywid is continuing at the University of Hawaii during the fall session. Her input at this critical time in the Department of Education's focus on change has been valued.

Convention delegates and guests responded enthusiastically to her Saturday talk on Choice and the Democratic Control of Schools.

Dr. Raywid was keynote speaker at Honolulu's annual meeting. She said at that time she hoped to see policy changes put into practice. Her description of our traditional paternalistic educational system rang true. She saw that system as denying self-functioning and was impressed with the reforms taking place or being suggested. She stressed that the implementing details of such areas as school based management will make the difference.

A concern noted was that of apathy which Dr. Raywid suggested included the oft-spoken reflection that education was not seen as important to success. She noted that those in the lower economic level are apathetic since education has not helped them.

Additionally, Dr. Raywid feels that the role of parents on important issues has been taken away. Her ideas on choice, which can be defined as diversified options, provides a divided America with the way to go in academic, personal, socio-civic and vocational areas.

Leaguers can be proud of their part in bringing Dr. Raywid to Hawaii. Most particularly, Marion Saunders, along with the State League's education committee, has provided the ideas, energy and thrust which has made this possible.

*see Board list elsewhere in this issue.

Board Calendar
October 26, 1969 & January 6, 1990

All meetings are in the League office from 9 to 4; all members are welcome. If you wish to be on the agenda, call Anna Hoover.

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