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This and That

United Nations organization celebrates its 44th anniversary on October 24th. Governor Waihee named Superintendent of the Department of Education, Charles Toguchi, and U.N. Week chair. The theme of U.N. Week is "Global Education."

The United Nations Association newsletter reports that eighty countries have agreed to back strong measures to save the Earth's protective ozone layer, including plans to ban production and use of damaging chemicals by the turn of the century. The countries, attending a UN- sponsored conference in Helsinki, Finland, unanimously approved a declaration that also provided that the poor countries receive help in phasing out the chemicals.

This is much in keeping with the global theme of "Environment and Development: Only one Earth."

Global problems, in many areas, will be explored in a conference to be held in Washington, D.C. on November 9-11, 1989. The League is one of eighty national organizations co-sponsoring this 3 day event.

This year's theme for the United Nations is

"Environment and Development: Only One Earth"

The League of Women Voters has been a United Nations
supporter since the founding forty-four years ago.

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