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President's Message

The essence of democracy has been summed up in four words- "one person, one vote." This implies that democracy is the free exercise of choice by an INFORMED electorate. However, many people believe that the American democratic process is now in grave danger. The 1988 election campaign was so manipulative that voters stayed away from the polls in disgust.

The League is disappointed to note that mudslinging and misrepresentation is occurring again this year. We expect our leaders to be the best! Our democratic form of government is predicated upon the concept that a free election by the people will produce leadership of higher quality than that achieved by birthright or by force.

Our elected officials assume an awesome responsibility. The responsibility to serve can be an example of the best our society can produce; therefore, WE MUST HOLD THEM TO THE HIGHEST ETHICAL SCRUTINY.

As a League member, you are urged to challenge candidates who conduct negative, mudslinging campaigns. Your voice is important in helping keep the 1900 campaigns clean.

Sandra L. Duckworth

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