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Neighbor Island Message

Sue Irvine and Teresa Nakama share presidential duties on the Big Island, Karen Caires has been president of Kauai and Arlene Kim Ellis continues as president of LWV Honolulu. Each included a written report in the Council booklet. A synopses is below.

Teresa wrote of the two successful public forums held regarding the space launching facility in Kauai. Each was well attended and the League was commended for them. Marge Mulhall spearheaded a reforesting project which League hopes will continued by other community groups.

Hilo's unit joined the Pro-Choice Network in viewing videos and started a drive to preserve reproductive choice for women of the state. Initiative was one of their action areas; recycling is another reported Sue Irvine.

An update of their "Know Your County" publication and a study of pros and cons of districting for the County Council were part of Kauai's activities stated Karen Caires. Using Honolulu's study materials, the League reached on consensus and active in the initiative arena. Editorials for one of the island newspapers and presenting a well attended legislative forum were two of the many activities addressed by this 40 member League.

Planning issues have been the main focus for action by LWV of Honolulu. Height limits, spreading urban development, master plan for Waikiki, golf course projects, waterfront development, land use planning by initiative and the convention center were just a few of the action areas addressed during 1989-90 according to Arlene Ellis.

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