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President's Message

This month the League is delighted to report that an agreement has been reached with KGMB-TV 9 regarding general election debates. They will be held Saturday, October 20, from 7 P.M. to 10 P.M. featuring one hour of U.S. House candidate from both districts, one hour of U.S. Senate candidates and the final hour with the Gubernatorial candidates - assuming all agree to debate. If you are interested in helping with these debates, please call Anne Lee who is the League Debate Coordinator. Her number is 395-0115.

The League is also working on producing a Board of Education "Candidates Stand on the Issues." We hope that this publication will be distributed state-wide. We need volunteers, particularly one or two members, to coordinate this voter service project. Call the League office if you can help. The office number is #531-7448.

National Convention was extremely interesting. After much debate, the delegates agreed to a tackle a new study item: Delivering and Financing Health Care in the United States. The scope will be: examination and evaluation of the current status of public and private alternatives for delivering and financing health care in the U.S., including coverage, cost, funding, "rationing," strengths and weaknesses. National will provide the guidelines and bibliography, but it is members who will make this study a success.

League delegates voted support of strong federal measures regarding the accessibility and ownership of handgun and semi-automatic assault rifles.

Delegates also passed issues for emphasis and approved an Ad Hoc Committee report to Strengthen the Grassroots Network. See article elsewhere in this Leo Hana for more details.

On Tuesday, June 5th, Arlene Ellis and I presented Senator Dan Akaka and Representative Pat Saiki letters urging their leadership in passing, this session, a strong Campaign Finance Reform Bill. We also presented Senator Akaka with a request to support the "Motor Voter" bill. It has passed the House - with the support of Saiki and Akaka (when he was in the House).

After these meetings, there was a LWV rally on the steps of the Capitol. Geraldine Ferraro addressed the convention at a plenary session. It was a very busy, very successful national convention!

This is the first time in many years that we have been able to have Council on the neighbor islands and we have Aloha Airlines to thank for making this possible.

Congratulations to the Kauai League for hosting a terrific Council meeting. LWV Kauai President, Karen Caires, is especially commended for her leadership. Mayor Joanne Yukimura addressed the group and joined "fellow" Leaguers at lunchtime. Afternoon workshops began with a difficult "open book" quiz on the new In League. Role playing wrapped up the workshop with two leagues creating innovative methods of complying with LWV process while advocating for completely opposite local positions, and the State League imposing controls while allowing action. (See details elsewhere in this issue.) Council ended with active discussion and direction to the State Board.

Many thanks to Mr. Maurice Myers, President and CEO of Aloha Airlines, who provided the round trip tickets to Kauai. Without these, League could not have afforded the air fares.

Sandra Duckworth

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