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State Council

May 19 and 20 found the State Board and local league delegates on Kauai for the every second year council meeting. Appreciation is extended to Aloha Airlines for providing airline fare for traveling leaguers and to Karen Caires and Kauai members who helped with arrangements.

A lively discussion occurred over the budget and corporate and member support appeals. A request for a clearer format subsequently led the Board to suggest following the one used by LWVUS.

Contained in the Council booklet were the President's Report and those of program chairs. Reflecting on a busy year, Sandra Duckworth listed community efforts, testimony and KHVH radio Viewpoints done as League action. The booklet contains reports by Evelyn Bender, LWVHI Action Wrap-up; Natural Resources by Pat Tummons; State Initiative Action by Marian Wilkins; and Public Access to the Legislative Process by Evelyn Bender.

Update on Local Leagues provided reports from each of the, Local Leagues.

Legislative coordinator, Evelyn Bender requested members action on HB2022 regarding filling legislative vacancies which was a direct result of the LWV vacancy study, and HB2301 regarding support for primary election for the Board of Education.

LWVHI Education Fund treasurer, Jerry Hess, gave a brief history of the fund and urged Local Leagues to use it.

Kauai Mayor and long time League member, Joanne Yukimura spoke to and with delegates informally.

Members role-played as a way of exploring League process, and wrapped up the day with a discussion of concerns and by providing direction to the State Board. See Board Notes for follow-up.

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