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Evelyn Bender

Evelyn Bender continues to be League's "point-person" at the legislature.

Members are urged to contact Evelyn to join her in this pivotal job. She will align your interest with League's program portfolio.

The 1990 Legislative Session begins January 17, 1990. The League's presence there depends upon the number of volunteers willing to take part in the legislative activities. You will learn what is happening at the legislature while keeping Evelyn and the LWWHI action team abreast of the latest developments in the program area. Volunteers do research, lobby, help track bills, attend hearings and assist in numerous ways. Call Evelyn or those in charge of the areas listed below:

Apportionment & Constitutional Amendments - Anne Lee

Reproductive Rights & Legislative Access - Evelyn Bender

Individual Rights 6c Public Access - Debbie Kimball

Education - Marian Saunders

Elections & Initiative - Marian Wilkins

Basic Human Needs - Mary Rose McClelland

Natural Resources - Pat Tummons

Land Use – Carol Whitesell

Evelyn testified before the legislature's Legislative Access Committee on November 15, 1989 and covered three main areas: 1.) access to information, 2.) access to legislative process, and 3.) access to the Capitol.

  • Information -- electronic procedures must enhance and complement, not simply replace current information systems.

  • Process -- 6 additional recess days should help ease the crunch and give the public time to confer with their legislators.

  • Capitol -- additional telephones, signage, public information rooms and other accommodations will be appreciated.

These points were part of a Position Paper developed by League Common Cause, American Association of University Women and the Legislative Concerns Committee of the Hawaii Council of Churches. At the conclusion of the 1989 legislative session the organizations assessed the difficulties the public encountered when trying to participate in the legislative process. The paper suggests ways to make public participation easier. A copy of this position paper can be obtained from the League office for the cost of Xeroxing.

The legislative leadership has responded very favorably to the paper and many of the suggestions were followed in setting of the 1990 legislative timetable and reorganizing physical facilities, etc. It is now up to the League and the other organizations to make sure that the public takes advantage of these changes and participates fully in the legislative process.

"Viewpoint" continues to be a public information avenue LWVHI utilizes. KHVH has offered this opportunity for more than 10 years with the monthly time divided between LWVHI and Honolulu.

The theme for December 18, 1989 was "Why don't we vote on it?" The answer? To quote Evelyn Bender for State: "The Hawaii State Constitution has no provision for initiative or referendum. Without this provision, the people cannot vote on state issues except for constitutional amendments."

After outlining initiative history, Evelyn explained, "Last session, the state Senate passed an initiative bill that would have given Hawaii's citizens this power. But it is stalled in the House. There are many powerful special interests who oppose initiative. If the people of Hawaii are ever to have more voice in their future -- at the state or county level -- they must let their representatives know that they want this bill to pass in the 1990 session."

State program items include: Campaign Finance; Initiative and Referendum; Legislative Reform; State Constitution; Election Laws and Procedures; School Board Primary Election; Vacancy in Office; Juvenile justice; Hawaii Schools; Choice in Public Education; Land Use; Solid Waste; and Energy.

National program items to monitor at the state level cover social and human resources and natural resource areas.

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