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Hawaii Area-Wide Information Access Network*

The Sweet Smell of Access -- For the Neighbor Islands

Shado demonstrations and legislative access committee hearings were held on the neighbor islands. Members attended on Maui (Muriel Roberts), Hawaii (Sue Irvine) and Kaua'i (Debbie Kimball). Evelyn Bender covered O'ahu. The latter three testified.

Shado is the Legislature's computer system that tracks bills, retains committee reports, the Hawaii Revised Statutes, voting records and more. It can be accessed via special equipment & fee payment.

Here is what is expected:

Bill Status & Pending Action -- by touchtone telephone with its own to-be-set toll-free number

Bill & Resolution text, Hearing notices & Committee reports -- via HAWIAN* to any computer/modem and to terminals in all public libraries. Printouts will be possible

Faster House mailing of Bills and Hearing Notices

Capitol Bulletin Board System -- modem access:

Hawai'i - 935-1748; Kaua'i - 337-9280 or 338-9999;

Oahu - 536-2888, 942-2508, 732-6901 or 499-1101.

Printouts are possible.

Six recess days near major legislative deadlines will be in effect to facilitate public-legislator discussion.

Fax machines for public use on State business: including legislative, are now located at the Governor's Liaison Offices in Hilo, Kealakekua, Lihu'e, Kahului and Kaunakakai, plus at the Lana'i School - Community Library. Use is free of charge to send or receive up to 5 pages. Both House and Senate will have fax machines; watch the media for numbers and procedures.

Your State League, Debbie Kimball particularly. has been very active on this issue over the years and applauds the State' s actions towards open government.

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