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1991-1992 Calendar

1991-1992 Calendar

The following is the tentative calendar adopted by the board at its first meeting.
Changes will be noted in subsequent newsletters.
August-State Committee meeting on Leasehold
September- 7-State Board meeting in LWV office. State committee on Leasehold to formulate consensus questions

Leasehold and Health Care articles prepared for fall Leo Hana

October- State Committee meeting on Home Rule

State Committee meeting on Leasehold to finalize consensus questions

November- 16- State Board meeting in LWV office Approve Leasehold questions Prepare Call to Council

Review Home Rule Study progress & legislative program

Fall Leo Hana to feature article on health care and leasehold

December- Local Leagues to hold health care consensus meetings

Local Leagues to hold informational meetings on leasehold

Finance Committee to meet

January- 15- Opening day of legislature

18- State Board meeting in LWV office

Review material for Council

Approve legislative priorities

Local Leagues hold consensus meetings on leasehold

Winter '92 Leo Hana to feature home rule, legislative priorities & provide preliminary council material.

February- 10- Local Leagues send health care consensus Phase 1 to LWVUS*
March- 7- State Board meeting

Finalize budget and program for Council Local League meetings on home rule Spring '92 Leo Hana contains final Council material

May- 16- State Council on O'ahu

16- Board Meeting tentatively scheduled

June- LWVUS Convention

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