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Bylaw Change Adopted

Approved by convention delegates is the following addition (see underlined sentence). Lively discussion was held on this subject; the intent of the change matches the desire of the State League to incorporate neighbor island enthusiasm, interest and dedication in League decisions whenever members are willing and able to serve in state leadership capacities.

Article V

Board of Directors

Section 1. Number, Manner of Selection and Term of Office

The Board of Directors (state board) shall consist of the Officers of LWVHI, four elected Directors, and not more than four appointed Directors. The elected Directors shall be elected for terms of two years at convention in odd-numbered years and shall serve until their succesors have been elected and qualified. The elected members shall appoint such additional Directors, not exceeding four, as they deem necessary to carry on the work of LWVHI. The state board should include representation from neighbor island leagues when possible. The term of office of the appointed Directors shall expire concurrently with the term of office of the elected directors. The President of the League of Women Voters of Hawaii Education Fund, Inc., if not otherwise serving on the state board, shall serve ex-officio.

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