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Programs for 1991-1992

Delegates at the May Convention voted to:

  1. Retain current Program and Action and

  2. Adopt two new studies

The new studies are: A one-year study of leasehold reform as related to condominiums and cooperatives, and a two-year study of home rule in Hawaii.

An updated Program and Action, 1991-1993, was provided all delegates to convention. Each League has one for its office and members can obtain a copy; contact the office for details - 531-7448. Each program item includes a brief statement of the position, the official, complete position statement, and a brief history of the item. In order to give a more complete picture of what has been done in each program area, the history describes education as well as action activities. A list of League of Women Voters of Hawaii publications follows each position history.

Continuing programs are: Campaign Finance, Initiative and Referendum, Legislative Reform, State Constitution, Election Laws and Procedures, School Board Primary Election, Midterm Legislative Vacancies, Juvenile Justice, Hawaii Schools, Choice in Education, Land Use, Solid Waste, and Energy.

The League will have a full two years and your board welcomes your interest, time and talent in any of the challenging programs items described above.

Delegates at Convention - May 1991

Anna Hoores -- Convention Secretary, Carol Whitesell -- Parliamentarian.

Evelyn Bender, LWVHI President, 1991-1993

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