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Take Back the System

Leagues all over the country have been collecting signatures as part of the League o f Women Voters of United States drive to take back the system. The petitions urge Congress and the president to pass the National Voter Registration Act. - legislation that will create simple systems for registering the vote nationwide. Take Back the System, the League's campaign to restore integrity to campaigns and elections and to inspire all eligible Americans to get informed, get registered and vote in the 1991 elections.

Several petitions, including the signatures of Lt. Governor Ben Cayetano and 22 state legislators , have already been sent to Washington so they can be presented to senators on June 11 along with all the others from across the nation by delegates to the National Council.

If you have not yet signed or circulated a petition, one can be obtained from the League office. It is not too late! Call 531-7448 and help reach the goal of 100,000 signatures nationwide.

The National Voter Registration Act, nicknamed the "motor-voter" bill, will reform a hodgepodge of state voter registration laws with simple, convenient and efficient systems nationwide. The motor-voter provision enables people to register to vote as they renew, apply for or change address on a driver's license or non-driver's ID. Motor-voter will reach up to 90 percent of eligible voters. The legislation will ensure non-drivers equal access to voter registration facilities through registration by mail and at designated government agencies.

According to a NY Times / CBS poll after the 1988 presidential election, non-voters cited restrictive registration requirements as the most significant cause for failure to vote. In past presidential elections, 90 percent of those who were registered did vote. Do your part to take back the system.

Circulate a petition now!

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