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Year End Reports

Hawaii County had Co-Presidents for the last year. Sue Irvine and Terry Nakama shared the responsibilities covering the Hilo and Kona areas on the Big Island. LWV of Hawaii County focused on the 1990 elections for the first half of the year; because of controversies surrounding county elections, members had a visible presence on the observers team at the polls for the closely contested mayoral primary and general elections.

Public forums on the rocket launching facilities for South Kona and a reforestation program were major activities in the Kona area. Marge Mulhall formulated a plan to involve public schools and other organizations in the reforestation program and received the Governor's Distinguished Volunteer of the Year Award for the innovative "Planting Trees" project.

Honolulu had a full and busy year Arlene Ellis reported. The City Council Review Committee continues its study; Planning and Zoning continues as Honolulu's major action area. Members contribute to League through vote count activities and the League continues its forums with radio "Viewpoints" and public access cable programs.

Kauai had a full year as reported by President Karen Caires. Hosting State Council started the busy year which included efforts to update their "Know Your County" and looking at the pros and cons of districting for County Council. Programs on SDI and voter services kept members informed - and busy.

Outgoing state president Sandra Duckworth noted that the 1989 national convention theme of "Keeping a Democracy a Process for the People: An Impossible Dream?" set the stage for a major thrust of LWVHI activities. These are reported by the board's chairs.

Anne Lee served as project manager for the 1990 Debate Committee. Planning began in eh spring for the election debates and was well underway when shortly before October 20, the union representing reporters and the TV station called for a boycott. League canceled the "Night of Debates" after consideration of the factors; the end result was that no debates were held.

Juvenile justice Chair, Cathy Tignac, updated members in the winter issue of Leo Hana, and prepared testimony for presentation before the Senate Committee on Judiciary. Reapportionment Monitoring Committee Chair, Anne Lee, organized observers and sent materials to the Reapportionment Commission; in April she presented League testimony outlining the basis for our involvement.

Gun Control position became a part of League's program at the 1990 LWVUS Convention. Evelyn Bender chaired state's effort, and League joined with various groups and individuals in supporting and opposing bills introduced on the subject. The Coalition is continuing to meet and will proceed with its efforts to keep the issue in the public's mind and to provide educational programs.

Marion Saunders and Libby Oshiyama co-chaired the Education Committee. They report reaping rewards from the Education Fund Project which brought Dr. Mary Anne Raywid, a national expert on school management, to Hawaii in 1989. The Committee is asked for information and resources on schools and has a film Why Do These Kids Love School? available for school and community groups.

Public Access to the legislative process was handled by Evelyn Bender who commented on the 1991 session in her report. Delayed organization, print shop delays, budget hang-ups and meaningless measures kept League and other community groups wondering. The public access room remained open during the session and was very much in use.

Debbie Kimball handled two items for the LWVHI board - Neighbor Island Access and Strategic Defense Initiative. Improvement in fair Neighbor Island legislative access was reported; video-conferencing was used to present testimony - a dream come true for folks off O'ahu. One thousand Kauaians wrote to Washington urging the stoppage of the SDI missile defense plan when the Kauai League co-sponsored a fall meeting which asked people to make their voices heard.

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