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Non-Partisan Facts Explored
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Juvenile Justice Position Reviewed (Catherine Tignac)
Reapportionment: The Drama Begins (Anna Lee)
League Unveils Juvenile Justice Position
Action Ahead on Public Education (Marion Saunders)
Legislative Access Reported (Debbie Kimball)
Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) (Debbie Kimball)
League Appreciates these Companies

Board Highlights

Convention planning discussion was continued by the board at its December 8th meeting. Program, budget and election information details will be provided in the spring Leo Hana. See the other convention information in that article.

Anna Hoover will be reviewing the bylaws; members who wish to suggest modifications should contact her evenings at #373-9605.

At the January 26th board meeting, Irene Coogan reported convention arrangement details. She is working with Jerry Hess, Evelyn Bender and Sandra Duckworth. Cost will be $40 per delegate and guests. This will include dinner and convention workbook.

Health Study Chair, Earl Fedje, awaits information from LWVUS but reported insights gained through his work in this area with the Chamber of Commerce. He urges that we focus on the problems then move to see what questions there are. Members interested in joining the study committee should contact Earl.

Both corporate and membership drives were discussed. Seeking operational support coupled with concern over office rent and upcoming budget proposals will continue.

Evelyn Bender reported the use of legislative forms to monitor local league and state committee testimony before the legislature. She further reported that the access room at the capitol remains open with the help of volunteers. The Board commended Evelyn for her work on behalf of League in the access arena.

League is working with a coalition on legislative proposals regarding firearms. Other League program issues coming forward this session are initiative, education. juvenile waiver*, legislative vacancy and child support. *See Catherine Tignac's article on juvenile justice.

Debbie Kimball will be following human exposure to electromagnetic forces and SDI / Barking Sands concerns using LWVUS positions as the basis of her action.

Donna Bebber weighed the Board of Education candidate project in Mid Week. The majority of response was positive and she urged the League to consider similar efforts in- future election years. The Board commended her for her work on that Voter Service project.

Peoplepower concerns on Kaua'i were discussed. Evelyn has spoken with their leaders to reassure them that flexibility was permitted; that many leagues have difficulty handling the many dimensions "offered" by this organization. The Board will continue to lend support.

March 16,1991 is the next meeting of the board.

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