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President's Message (Sandra Duckworth)
Board Highlights
Hospitality Needed
Call to Convention
Non-Partisan Facts Explored
League Leaders Listed
Juvenile Justice Position Reviewed (Catherine Tignac)
Reapportionment: The Drama Begins (Anna Lee)
League Unveils Juvenile Justice Position
Action Ahead on Public Education (Marion Saunders)
Legislative Access Reported (Debbie Kimball)
Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) (Debbie Kimball)
League Appreciates these Companies

League Leaders Listed

State leaders who will be watching, listening and testifying at this year's legislative session include- Statewide Initiative - Marian Wilkins; Women's & Children's Rights-Donna Bebber; Basic Human Needs-Sandra Duckworth and Earl Fedje; Individual Rights and Public Access - Debbie Kimball; Natural Resources/Environment-Anna Hoover; Land Use - Carol Whitesell; Juvenile Justice - Catherine Tignac; Reproductive Rights and Legislative Access - Evelyn Bender and Debbie Kimball; Gun Control & Vacancy - Evelyn Bender; Ethics and Campaign Spending -Sandra Duckworth; Education - Marion Saunders; and Apportionment & Constitutional Amendments- Anne Lee.

Action minded League members are urged to call Sandra Duckworth (946-9234) and "sign on" to this lobby corps.

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