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Non-Partisan Facts Explored

Carrie Chapman Catt, Founder of the League of Women Voters, said, "In the League of Women Voters we have an anomaly; we are going to be a semi-political body. We want political things; we want legislation; we are going to educate for citizenship. In that body we have got to be nonpartisan and all-partisan. Democrats from Alabama and Republicans from New Hampshire must work for the same things."

Kauai's LWV president, Karen Caires, explained in the county newspaper's Voice In The Community article which introduced readers to the organization:

"The League of Women Voters of the United States was founded in 1920 at the end of the women's suffrage movement. ... Today, the League of Women Voters is probably best known, nationally and locally, for its valuable voter services, such as factual, nonpartisan information on issues and candidates, public forums with candidates and officials, information on voting procedures and voter procedures and voter registration.

...A less known, but equally important, purpose of the LWV is to develop positions on a wide range of timely issues that affect all citizens, then influence public policy through education and advocacy. These positions are reached through a careful, deliberate and thoughtful process of study, consensus through member agreement and finally action through lobbying, informing the public, petitions and testifying.

...The League of Women Voters of Kauai is composed of men and women who are dedicated volunteers. We believe that government - at all levels - is of the people, by the people and for the people. This is why we will continue to study issues that we see as needing government attention, come to positions on these issues and then work hard to affect change. ... And it is also why we work harder and harder every year to provide as much factual, issue-oriented and non-partisan voter services as possible."

Karen explains it well. We started with a mission and it continues.

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