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Education Committee News

The Committee has been following the Governance Task Force and Legislature on proposals to modernize the governance structure of public education. Again we monitor and oppose bills proposing an appointed Board of Education. A new suggestion this year is to move to elected county Boards.

The proposal is to offer voters a choice among three options: an elected State Board, an appointed State Board, elected county Boards. We fear this would split the support for elected Boards of whatever type, and allow the appointed Board to slip in. We are proposing that the top two of the three options be carried over from the primary to the general election (instead of carrying over only one).

Our two schools-within-schools, Honaunau Middle and Kapa'a Elementary are progressing. We are proud of the enthusiasm at these two centers and hope as they develop they will be models for other schools. What distinguishes these two is that they are addressing directly the learning of students in the classroom.

We feel strongly that highest priority must be given to enrichment of student learning and support of teacher creativity. These are what will change our schools into productive learning centers. We endorse parental and community involvement as a contribution to school climate and student motivation.

We are warning against all incentives being attached to School Based Management (SCBM) schools - currently only one-third of all schools. We support more than one innovative strategy. We feel this is necessary to protect the system against failure and/or demonstrate what works best for Hawai'i's students. Many schools do not feel SCBM is appropriate for them. They should be free to choose the best strategy for revitalizing their school and be supported in their planning.

Libby Oshiyama
Marion Saunders

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