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Leasehold Committee Reports

Irene Coogan, chair of the study committee, reports that two bills were passed by the Honolulu City Council in December 1991. The two bills, one on mandatory conversion and the other regarding lease rent restriction, are being challenged by Bishop Estate. The leasehold topic is also being discussed at the legislature and has been the subject of an extensive study just recently released by the Legislative Auditor's office. Read your Pull 'N Save which incorporates this information and more; pull and save it for local league discussion meetings.

Council members will be asked to vote on an extension of time to May 1993 for completion of the Condo/Co-op study.

Consensus Questions

Deadline for local league response will be November 1st

  1. Should future residential condo & co-op leaseholds be prohibited in Hawaii?

  2. Should there be a cap on renewals for residential condo & co-op lease rent renewals and renegotiations?

  3. Does LWVHI support statewide mandatory or voluntary lease-to-fee conversions for residential condos and co-ops?

  4. Should the surrender clause in future residential leasehold agreements be abolished or modified?

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