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Bylaw Changes Proposed

At its January meeting the Board of Directors approved the following bylaw changes for consideration by members who through their delegates at the State Convention, will give final approval. The proposed changes bring the bylaws into uniformity subsequent to the deletion of the LWVHI Education Fund. As noted in earlier issues, monies from the Ed Fund have been placed in the LWVUS Education Fund for use by LWVHI.

Brackets denote deletions; underlining indicates proposed inclusion.

Article VIII, Convention; Section 2. Composition.

The delegates to the convention shall consist of: a) the members of the state board; b) the presidents of the local Leagues; and c) the delegates chosen by the members enrolled in the local Leagues, as provided in Section 4 of the Article[:] ., [and d) a League representative from the League of Women Voters of Hawaii Education Fund.]

Article IX, Council; Section 2. Composition.

The council shall be composed of the presidents of the local Leagues, or an alternate in the event the president is unable to attend, one delegate chosen by each local League, and the state board., [and a League representative from the League of Women Voters of Hawaii Education Fund, Inc.]

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