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There is No Excuse for Inaction
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There is No Excuse for Inaction

The title comes from an article in the LWV Rhode Island Voter: a Commentary from Barrington Times, June 17, written by LWV members Caroly Materne and Kathy Weymen.

The writers just finished sharing leadership responsibilities and are concerned about the League's future (growth and participation specifically). They believe that there is always an extra hour or two if people care. They stated, "We must get the next generation involved now. The young mothers must be encouraged to take time from their busy schedules of working and family to be concerned for the future of the world they live in." And, "with the changing role of the woman of the 90s, we need new, progressive ways to generate enthusiasm for all aspects of the League of Women Voters."

They see themselves as cogs in the wheel [of the League] and urge readers to "Jump on. Become involved. Give the League some of your time and expertise. Do not ignore it as the wheel rolls by. Once it has gone by, you will never be able to catch up to it. It will be too late." Right on!

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